Agenda for Change – Tackling Low Pay

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2016 Health Care Service Group Conference
3 December 2015

This Conference welcomes the decision taken by UNISON National Delegate Conference in 2015 to “push toward minimum pay rates of £10 per hour.”

This Conference also welcomes the decision taken by UNISON Health Conference in 2015 to call upon the Health Service Group Executive to develop a campaign to eliminate Band One from Agenda for Change. The eradication of Band One would result in pay increases of up to and over £2,000 for hard pressed, loyal, hard-working NHS staff.

This Conference therefore calls on the Health Service Group Executive working with the Devolved Nations to produce a strategy that would allow all staff on Agenda for Change Pay Band One to move across into Pay Band Two by April 1st 2017. Such a strategy, which could be different in each of the four nations of the UK, would be presented to each of the Health Departments as a basis for discussion and implementation.

Failure to get agreement on the implementation of such a strategy by April 1st 2017 would require to be reported back to all UNISON Health branches by this date. The decision on how to progress action in the result of such an outcome would then be taken in line with UNISON’s democratic structures.