Public Ownership of Energy Utilities

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2016 Energy Service Group Conference
23 February 2016

Conference believes

1)The changes within the Labour Party since the leadership election in 2015 indicate a welcome move towards UNISON’s long-held view that the Energy Industry should be brought back into public ownership.

2)There is now a golden opportunity to provide support and information to help consolidate this view within the labour movement.

3)The research already commissioned by UNISON indicates the benefits which a publicly owned Energy industry would bring in terms of:

a)Tackling the gross underinvestment in new generation capacity and infrastructure. In particular a nationally co-ordinated plan can drive the move to clean energy without the need to bribe private industry.

b)Introducing measures to tackle and eliminate the scandal of fuel poverty

c)Eliminating the drive for profit which leads to excessive bonuses for senior executives, attacks on the employment contracts of ordinary employees and an ever increasing cost to the consumer.

Conference requests the Service Group Executive

1. Seek to ensure that through the appropriate resources and channels we promote our policy of bringing the Energy Industry back into public ownership with the aim that the next labour government has this as one of its key commitments.

2. Provide supporting information as necessary based on current and existing research in support of this aim.