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2016 National Disabled Members' Conference
24 May 2016

This Conference believes it is clear that young members are amongst those groups where stress and mental health issues are of growing prevalence and concern.

This Conference welcomes the work undertaken by our young members organisation to raise this issue through their work in Young Workers Month (November 2015). Workplace meetings and events were organised to help raise awareness, notably through the use of the TUC’s toolkit “Mental health at work: a young workers guide” – a toolkit which was produced with the active support and contribution of our young members.

This Conference believes that one way of supporting young members with mental health issues in particular, and other members more widely, would be to encourage branches to have volunteer “mental health first aiders”.

This Conference calls on the National Disabled Members Committee to:

(i) provide regional disabled members groups with access to a copy of the TUC toolkit;

(ii) encourage them to make use of the toolkit in raising awareness of the issues for young workers and to hold at least one activity around the issue in Young Workers Month (November) this year.

(iii) call for these activities to show the importance of UNISON to support individual cases, and how the union can secure agreements to address poor or non-existent employer policies and practices, while recognising the need to build membership and organisation to give the union the strength it needs to undertake this work;

(iv) investigate the Mental Health First Aid concept and bring to disabled members conference 2017 a presentation on how such a scheme might be introduced in the workplaces where UNISON organises.