Living Wage

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2016 Community Service Group Conference
2 November 2015
Carried as Amended

Conference notes the success of Living Wage Campaigns across the UK in exposing low pay in the community sector and putting poverty pay on the political and bargaining agenda.

Conference also notes the success of UNISON legal service in forcing community sector employers to comply with National Minimum Wage rules on sleepovers, travel time and other community sector issues.

Conference rejects the cuts the Conservative Government have linked to the National Living Wage, for example, cuts that will reduce household income by an average of £550 and as much as £1400 according to the independent Institute of Fiscal Studies.

Conference calls on the service group to:

1. Highlight the impact of tax and welfare changes on community sector workers

2. Oppose the new age requirements for the National Living Wage

3. Ensure that sleepover, travel time, accommodation, uniform, training and other protections are not diminished in the move from the minimum wage to the Tory “living wage”; and,

4. Monitor and publicise the work of HMRC inspectors enforcing pay protection in the Community Sector to ensure that Community Sector rights are respected, underpayments are recovered and illegal employers are prosecuted and publicly exposed.