Good Care Costs

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2016 Community Service Group Conference
3 November 2015
Carried as Amended

Disabled members of the community service group are particularly concerned that in August 2015 five of the biggest care providers wrote to the Chancellor stating that the National Living Wage could result in a “catastrophic collapse” in the number of care homes.

UNISON believes that the living wage (set by the independent Living Wage Foundation) should be paid to all workers and not the minimum wage ‘plus’ that the Conservatives announced as the National Living Wage.

Conference is appalled that in some parts of the care sector the impact of increasing costs are being pushed onto the workforce, with terms and conditions starting to be cut by care providers sighting lack of funding from Local Authorities. Combined with the cuts to tax credits, and the potential of reduced hours for carers, the overall income to their households will be reduced and is very likely to impact on whether people will remain as care workers.

Additionally our Disabled members care or their families care is under threat of cuts in provisions and quality of service.

Conference, UNISON has been campaigning for adequate funding for care, to raise the voices of our homecare workers and to improve the homecare sector. We are proud of Our Save Care Now campaign. We want councils to commission care provision properly and with good funding by calling on councils to sign UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter, a set of commitments that together ensure the health, safety, and dignity of the UK’s most vulnerable people.

However Conference we won’t just let the care providers off the hook because of funding, they need to be good employers, too many homecare visits are short, rushed and undignified ,our members aren’t paid fairly or properly, (including travel time) and they should be properly trained…surely that’s not too much to ask for!

Conference calls upon the community sector group to work with labour link, National Disabled Members Committee, Health and Local Government Service Groups to

1)Work with labour MP’s to raise the response to increasing pay from employers and ensure there is ring fenced funding at local level

2)Ensure that the rise in the minimum wage to the National Living Wage is adequately funded by Government

3)Raise the profile of the Save Care Now campaign amongst Community Service Group and Disabled members

4)Campaign to raise awareness that members are paying for their own rise in the minimum wage through attacks on their terms and conditions