TTIP and the Water Industry

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2015 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
23 February 2015

Although most water companies in the UK are already foreign owned this is not the case of Scottish Water and Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water). As such they have been protected from predatory takeovers. The Transatlantic Trade Treaty (TTIP) whilst being potentially dangerous to many sectors has declared a definite interest in opening up the European water industry to American multinational ownership. The British Government at time of writing has not agreed that any sector should be protected. There is the risk that initiatives to return water to public ownership such as the re-municipalisation of the Paris Water Supply could be short lived.

Due to the secrecy around TTIP it may be very late in the day before we become aware of the treaty’s full intentions. We do know however there is a real risk that terms and conditions, regulations and environmental standards will be reduced to America levels should the multinationals have their way.

We ask that the WET Executive remains vigilant, ready to mount a robust campaign and work with all other relevant groups to protect all European water companies in public ownership, not least Scottish Water and Dwr Cymru