Stop the destruction of SYPTE

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2015 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
24 February 2015

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE), has, in the last few years lost dozens of members of staff, encouraged to leave via SYPTE’s Voluntary Redundancy scheme, redundancies or merely by the none replacement leavers – many of these job losses have been amongst UNISON members.

This policy of slashing services to the public will this year mean the abandoning of printed bus timetables, the closure of all of SYPTE’s Travel Centres, and an increased reliance on subcontracted staff, replacing those who are to be made redundant.

These cuts have been pursued through aggressive management, fuelled by the recommendations of highly paid consultants White Green Young, to dismantle this vital organisation. These attacks over the last few years have not been directed by the Tory Central Government or even Tory councillors. This bloodthirsty assault is led by district councils; Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham. All of these councils – until recently Rotherham – are under Labour control. These shameful attacks on our members in the Passenger Transport Executive have been carried out by Labour Councillors with alacrity of Tories dogmatically attacking public sector workers and services.

Conference we call on the WETSGE to work with the NEC, Labour Link and other relevant bodies to lobby these Councils directly expressing the disgust of this conference and request a full explanation of their shameful treatment of UNISON members, their disgraceful use of Tory tactics to degrade public services and destroy the jobs public sector workers.