Campaign Against Polymer

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2015 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
27 January 2015

This Water, Environment and Transport Conference is aware of the ever increasing number of incidents in United Utilities and presumably other Water Industry employers involving polymer.

Polymer is a very sticky substance and once it gets onto the soles of boots is not easily removed.

This makes walking on certain surfaces very hazardous and increases the risk of slipping, also resulting in trips and falls.

UNISON believes that the solution is to keep surfaces as slip free as possible by having good supplies of absorbent granules on site at all times and to use on affected areas.

We call on the Water, Environment and Transport Service Group Executive to work with the Water Industry Sector Committee and UNISON’s Health and Safety unit to produce appropriate guidelines and campaigning materials for branches to use with employers to reduce the risk for UNISON members affected in the Sector.