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2015 National Retired Members Conference
11 June 2015

Conference notes that, despite numerous protests including references to the National Retired Members’ Committee and motions to the National Retired Members’ Conference, the Conference Bulletin containing all the vital administrative information about this year’s Conference was made available on line only, with no paper notification.

Further, there was again no notification to Branches or Retired Members’ Sections of the date when the Bulletin would be available.

Conference is concerned that this represents an obstacle to the ability of all Branches/Retired Members’ Sections to play a full and active role in the work of Conference, including the submission of motions and amendments for inclusion in its Agenda, and even the timely notification of delegates’ details for registration.

A simple remedy could go thus: a short email is sent from Head Office to Branch Secretaries and those Retired Members’ Secretaries who have email addresses to the effect that the Retired Members’ Conference Bulletin is now available on the national website. Branch Secretaries are asked to pass on this information (on paper) to their Retired Members’ Secretaries where these do not have email, so that the RM Secretaries can get a paper copy from their Branch, or from the website if they can get access to a computer by other means.

Conference instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee to pursue this matter with the National Executive Council with urgency and vigour, with a view to resolving it in time for a workable solution to be in place for Conference 2016.