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2015 National Retired Members Conference
26 May 2015
Carried as Amended

In February this year research by the National Energy Action group warned that at least 100,000 householders could die needlessly across the UK between now and 2030 due to an inability to heat their homes properly. 75% of those affected will be pensioners which will include UNISON Retired Members.

The report from manifesto for Warmth and Fuel Poverty Awareness also claims the NHS could also be left with a £22 billion bill for treating cold related illnesses. Jenny Saunders chief executive of National Energy Action said Fuel Poverty Awareness is a wake up call on the need to end the cost and suffering caused by cold homes in the UK

This Conference urges the UNISON National Retired Members Committee and the National Executive Council to work with other unions to lobby this Government for an increase in the Winter Fuel Allowance in view of the now non-payment of Winter Fuel Allowance to certain EU countries, and ask what steps they are taking to end this suffering caused by fuel poverty once and for all.