Police Staff as Victims of Crime

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2015 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
22 June 2015

We are increasingly concerned at the way that Police Staff are sometimes treated when they are victims of crime.

The service they receive from the police should be no better or worse than any other member of the public, but we are aware of cases where this does not happen. Already staff are disadvantaged because they are not able to make a complaint to the IPCC, they can only report the conduct of named officers to their Professional Standards Department.

It is not acceptable that our members can receive a substandard service because of their employment, nor can we accept our members being subject to ultra intensive investigation of irrelevant matters that lead to internal misconduct proceedings.

Conference calls upon the Service Group Executive to:

1)conduct a survey of Police Staff members and branches to ascertain how common this is;

2)raise the matter with relevant bodies, e.g.. College of Policing, Home Office and HMIC;

3)produce guidance for branches with information on what they and members can do in these circumstances, including any helpful legal advice.