Young Workers Month

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2015 National Delegate Conference
3 February 2015

Conference welcomes the work of UNISON’s National and Regional Young Members Forums to raise the profile of young workers and young members through activity during young workers month, which is now held in November each year under the auspices of the TUC.

Conference believes that recruiting young workers and organising young members is an all-year-round activity, but that the young workers month can provide a particular focus for specific issues, and is an opportunity to celebrate the contribution that young members make to UNISON and the trade union and labour movement in general.

Conference therefore instructs the National Executive Council to call on all branches to help support and develop a UNISON-wide vibrant young workers month by committing to at least one activity around young worker and/or youth-oriented issues in November each year, suggested activities being:

1)A recruitment activity specifically targeting young workers;

2)Seeking a visit to a local school to talk to students about trade unions (utilising the ‘Unions Into Schools’ online materials where appropriate);

3)Campaigning for the Living Wage and an end to the age-discriminatory and low level national minimum wage (Living Wage week falls in November);

4)Organising a political education and/or social event for young workers.