Future Pay Consultation Protocols

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2015 Special Local Government Conference
26 January 2015
Carried as Amended

This Conference believes that the decision taken by the National Joint Council (NJC) Committee on 9th October 2014 was a complete denial of the intention and basis of the Local Government pay consultation protocol which sets out the need for extensive consultation with members.

Conference further believes that;

1)that in future, decisions to suspend previously agreed industrial action (where our full claim has not been won) should be taken only following a prior consultation process involving Regions and branches;

2)that in future, members should only be consulted upon formal offers from employers and not upon “proposals” which are not a formal offer;

3)that pay negotiations must not take place without the participation of at least one elected lay representative of the relevant sector committee, and;

4)that sector committees should take responsibility for making a positive recommendation either to accept or reject an offer on which members are being consulted.

This Conference therefore resolves to instruct the Service Group Executive (SGE) to take appropriate action to secure an amended service group pay consultation protocol to reflect the beliefs of Conference as set out in this motion.