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2015 National LGBT Conference
20 July 2015

Conference notes that prioritisation is a means to enable us to debate first and to have enough time to debate fully matters we deem of greatest significance.

Conference considers there is a need to review whether, in practice, this is what we achieve.

Conference wonders:

1. Whether any method of prioritisation can achieve such an outcome or whether we might as well debate motions in random order and/or simply divide the time available by the number of motions;

2. Whether it would be desirable to amend Standing Order (SO) 2.8.3 to take account of prioritisation;

3. Who should have a say and, in particular, the effect of asking most but not all of the bodies listed in SO3.1 to indicate priorities; and,

4. What the effect might be if in future we did any or all or the following:

A. Require bodies listed in SO3.1 to submit motions in their own priority order;

B. Require bodies indicating priorities only to include motions submitted by others; and/or

C. Invite bodies to submit fewer priorities than now.

Conference instructs the national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender committee to review the position, consider the numbered points above, develop alternatives, consult regions, branches, caucuses and individual members and submit a report next year with one or more proposals for debate.