Pay Determination

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2015 Health Care Service Group Conference
5 December 2014
Carried as Amended

Conference recognises and welcomes the decision taken by UNISON Health Conference in 2014 in passing Composite D that called upon the Health Service Group Executive to “explore how a new system of collective bargaining over pay and conditions with employers and the governments of the UK and the devolved nations could be achieved if independence cannot be achieved.”

Conference is saddened and disappointed by the actions of the United Kingdom Health Department which disregarded the NHS Pay Review Body recommendations on pay in 2014 for employed Agenda for Change staff in England and has withdrawn any remit from the NHS Pay Review Body to make recommendations on pay in England in 2015 while at the same time giving them a remit to make “observations on out of hours working arrangements”. Conference believes this is simply the first step in an attack on our member’s entitlements to out of hours pay.

Conference recognises that different rates of pay now operate in all of the four parts of the United Kingdom and that each of the Health Departments now offer the NHS Pay Review Body different remits and apply recommendations differently.

Conference would not wish to dictate to its membership in any of the four countries of the United Kingdom whether they should remain in or withdraw from the NHS Pay Review Body against their wishes. Conference recognises that pay negotiating structures in England are a matter for members in England and would ask the Service Group Executive to consult and then table proposals on how that can be done most effectively.

With regards the nations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Conference is of the opinion that pay negotiating structures are best determined in each of the three countries and therefore agrees that policy decisions on how to approach pay bargaining structures will be devolved to individual country level.