European Works Council in Iberdrola

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2015 Energy Service Group Conference
18 February 2015

Conference Notes

1)The increasing domination of the UK energy market by European based multinational energy companies and the detrimental impact this has on the influence national trade unions can bring to bear in representing their members.

2)The legal obligations on European companies to establish European Works Councils (EWC’s) to give a voice to employees where they operate in two or more European countries.

3)Iberdrola is the only European based energy company yet to establish an EWC.

Conference believes

1)The establishment of an EWC in Iberdrola would be an important step forward to defend the terms and conditions of members and ensure company decisions take account of the interests of employees and the millions of customers who rely on essential public energy services.

Conference instructs the Service Group Executive

1)To work with EPSU to pursue the aim of establishing an EWC in Iberdrola.