The fight for fair sickness absence procedures and ‘Disability Leave’

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2015 National Disabled Members' Conference
8 June 2015

This Conference notes with concern the election of a ‘Tory’ Government with a majority in Parliament and believes that this will signal a worsening of the rights and the likely employability of disabled people. The Conservatives have indicated their contempt for Industrial Tribunals and are not supportive of any restrictions on employers in their dealings with their employees.

In light of these issues, Conference believes that it is likely that:-

a)Employers will use more regressive and oppressive sickness absence management processes and policies to enable them to rid themselves of disabled workers

b)Employers will fail to consider appropriate ‘Disability Leave’ for workers

c)Employers will be discouraged in the employment of workers known to have disabilities

d)Unemployed disabled people especially those with a mental health issue will continue to be harassed and cajoled into inappropriate or unsuitable employment or lose benefits

Conference calls upon the National Disabled Members Committee to seek for ways to:-

1.Campaign for the protection and improvement of rights for disabled workers

2.Celebrate the ways in which the employment of disabled workers benefit society as a whole

3.Work with Labour Link and other organisations with views compatible with those of UNISON, to achieve these aims.