Induction Process for New Self Organised Group Officers

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2015 National Disabled Members' Conference
2 July 2015
Carried as Amended

Taking on a new role is always a challenge; there are new people to meet, rooms to find, processes to learn and documents to read.

These challenges are often magnified when they are faced by a disabled person. There is currently no process in place to help new Self Organised Group Officers to learn their role and become accustomed to what is expected of them.

New Officers, particulary those with a disability, can feel lost and confused. They don’t always know where to go for help. This is a particular problem when the new Officer is not a Steward or is unfamiliar with the union.

An induction process for new Self Organised Group Officers, in line with that given to other Officers, would solve this problem. It would give disabled members the support they need to take on the role, allow them to grow in confidence quickly and take a full part in the business of the branch and UNISON.

Conference calls on the National Disabled Members Committee to:

1. promote and encourage the induction and training of new Self Organised Group Officers

2 investigate the creation of a standardised induction pack to be given to all new Self Organised Group Officers.

3 promote the adequate support of disabled members to enable them to take up a Self Organised Group Officer role within a branch

To report back to National Disabled Members Conference 2016.