Guidance on rights for disabled workers

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2015 National Disabled Members' Conference
2 June 2015

This Conference believes that many disabled workers are unaware of their rights as disabled employees.

This Conference also believes that without awareness of rights, such rights cannot be pursued, and become endangered through lack of use.

This Conference further believes that

(i) it is important that information about disabled workers rights be available in a wide range of accessible formats;

(ii) young workers in particular are more familiar with accessing and sharing information through information technology and social media, and that information on rights should be available through those routes.

This Conference therefore calls on the National Disabled Members Committee to

1. audit the material currently available to disabled members on their rights at work – from UNISON and from other sources;

2. seek to work with the Communications Department to produce a guide to rights at work for disabled workers, such guide to be available in a range of formats, including online etc.