LGBT Austerity in the Community Sector

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2015 Community Service Group Conference
6 November 2014

Conference notes the research carried out by NatCen for UNISON in late 2013 which showed the impact of austerity on services for LGBT people including those services delivered by the community and voluntary sector. It revealed devastating cuts to services but also showed that austerity has had a negative impact on job security, terms and conditions and the mental well being and morale of LGBT workers, including those employed to deliver specialist services to LGBT people. Many of these workers are employed in the community sector and are UNISON members or potential UNISON members.

Conference further notes the report commissioned by the TUC from London Metropolitan University and published in September 2014: Staying Alive: The Impact of Austerity Cuts on the LGBT Voluntary and Community Sector in England and Wales and which confirms the NatCen findings. The report shows that specialist services and specialist posts within generic services are often a life-line for LGBT people.

Conference resolves to ask the Community Service Group Executive, in liaison with the national LGBT committee, to:

1) publicise these research findings amongst our membership and potential membership within the community sector, as part of our campaign for decent pay and conditions in community, alongside services that meet people’s diverse needs

2) support community branches to carry out recruitment initiatives directed at LGBT workers, including those in specialist services / posts and harder to reach sections of community.