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2014 National Women's Conference
17 October 2013

Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Women’s group welcomes UNISON’s Guide to Influencing the NHS (Stronger Together – A UNISON Guide to influencing the NHS)

As women trade unionists, we are used to being involved in workplace negotiations and have an honourable tradition of arguing our case. Getting involved in public sector bodies – for example the new NHS does not compromise our trade union principles, but allows us to support and promote our union values.

As women we can join many groups that are being set up to represent our communities, schools and health bodies, for example in the new NHS there are far more decision making bodies now than in the old NHS. Women can get involved in these decision making bodies and influence how they will use their yet to be determined powers and influence going forward.

Conference calls upon the National Women’s Committee to work with UNISON structures and relevant bodies, including Labour Link and Learning and Organising to educate, mentor and support women to achieve their full potential by doing so to empower them to exert and influence the future direction of our public services and bodies.