Save the Pensioner’s Bus Pass

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2014 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
25 February 2014

It has been reported that the Government is considering introducing means testing for the Pensioners Bus Pass.

This is a short sighted policy that will bring little benefit to the taxpayer. It will however bring isolation and misery to those pensioners who rely on public transport to travel but who will not be able to afford to use it if their bus pass is withdrawn.

This proposal would affect UNISON members employed in the transport industry too. The use of public transport by pensioners helps to ensure bus routes remain viable and keeps our members in employment.

While the savings likely to be made by removing the bus pass are less than £1.4 bn according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies, are small relative to the whole welfare budget the social and political cost of taking it away could be huge.

We call on the Water, Environment and Transport Executive to:

i) Support the National Pensioners Convention campaign to protect the pensioners bus pass.

ii) Work with Labour Link and the Shadow Transport Ministry team to ensure maintaining the pensioners bus pass is part of the Labour manifesto for the forthcoming General Election.