Volunteer Community Support Officers

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2014 Police & Justice Conference
14 May 2014
Carried as Amended

Conference is extremely concerned that Lincolnshire Police have introduced the first Volunteer Police Community Support Officers (VPCSOs) in the country. This is despite Lincolnshire Police losing 4.7% of their paid Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) during the period 2010 to 2013.

Conference notes that Volunteers are not accountable to the public in the way paid employees are accountable. VPCSOs are a threat to the jobs of existing paid PCSOs. Conference also fears that the lack of volunteer accountability will lead to further erosions in public confidence in the role of the full time paid PCSO.

Conference calls on the Police and Justice Service Group Executive to:

1)Work with police staff branches faced with the threat of VPCSOs.

2)Work with other unions with police staff membership to oppose the use of VPCSOs.

3)Work to obtain a commitment from the labour party to support the continued use of paid PCSOs only

4)Launch a national public campaign against the use of VPCSOs.