Jobs for the Boys 2014

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2014 Police & Justice Conference
26 June 2014
Carried as Amended

The cuts to police force budgets have been devastating for the service, and many of our police staff colleagues have been made redundant because of them.

A great many of those who have been made redundant are women.

As the cuts continue, and forces are not able to reduce police officer numbers other than by natural wastage, we are seeing increasing numbers of officers being used in roles previously filled by police staff.

This of course means that public funds are being, or will be used inappropriately, as officers will be paid far more for doing this work than a member of police staff would.

Forces will publish total officer numbers, not mentioning that many are not ‘frontline’, thereby giving the Home Office and the public a false impression.

This motion calls upon the Service Group Executive to undertake appropriate work to enable UNISON to respond to such inaccurate reports, and to work with other organisations to publicise this inappropriate use of public funds.