Zero Hour Contracts

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2014 National Delegate Conference
25 February 2014

Conference notes the continuing and increasing use of zero hour contracts within the private home care sector and welcomes the work undertaken to promote UNISON’s Ethical Home Care Charter.

Conference recognises that the procurement policies used by councils and other public bodies which focus on costs effectively encourages a race to the bottom in the provision of care as even good employers are forced to adopt the worst labour policies, including zero hour contracts, in order to compete with poor employers.

Conference notes the campaign of UNISON Scotland to persuade the Scottish government to amend proposed legislation so as to allow councils to ensure that companies bidding for services can be forced to pay the Living wage and do not use zero hour contracts.

Conference calls on governments and councils to adopt such procurement policies and, specifically, UNISON’s Ethical Home Care Charter.

However conference recognises that workers in the private home care sector require effective trade union representation to enhance their pay and conditions and therefore calls on the National Executive Council to instigate a mass recruitment and organising campaign aiming to double our membership within this sector by conference 2015.