Support for Local Government Pension Fund Board Members

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2014 Local Government Service Group Conference
20 February 2014
Carried as Amended

Conference fully supports the Unison campaign for transparency and better governance with regard to Local Authority Pension boards. It also supports the encouragement of Unison members to become Member Nominated Representatives (MNRs) on those boards.

The performance of Pension funds are currently under review. Members of Local Government Pension Funds need a voice on these boards to fully represent and report on the viability of their schemes. The ability to influence and ask questions of their pension fund, as set out in Recommendation 17 of the Hutton Report is fully supported by UNISON but present Pension Fund Committees continue, in some instances, to be unsupportive and negative to such changes. Members need to be assured that UNISON will do everything to facilitate such changes and Conference calls upon the Service Group Executive to continue to provide support and training to existing and potential Unison Local Government Pension Fund Board members.