Pay Consultation Procedures

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2014 Local Government Service Group Conference
13 February 2014
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that the Local Government Service Group’s pay consultation procedures were last revised by Conference in 2006. During that time, technological advances have meant that electronic means of voting and consultation are now available.

Conference believes that the Service Group’s pay consultation procedures should enable the Service Group:

1)To consult all members in a sector on a final pay offer, once negotiations are exhausted.

2)To ensure that all branches consult members by the same means, using the same questions.

3)To ensure maximum participation in the consultation process.

4)To ensure that this participation goes beyond simply voting, so that members can ask questions and engage in debate.

5)To conduct consultations which sit within our democratic structures at branch, Regional and sector-wide levels.

6)To ensure the consultation can be used as a vehicle for recruiting and organising members around pay.

7)To gain maximum possible access to groups that are harder to reach – for example (but not limited to) those in smaller geographically dispersed workplaces, and part-time workers (most of whom are low-paid women).

8)To make maximum possible use of technology without compromising principles of participation.

9)To ensure any use of technology is secure and provides for consistent consultation.

Conference instructs the Service Group Executive:

a)To conduct a review of the Service Group’s pay consultation procedures, based on points 1 to 9 above, including an assessment of what electronic consultation methods would be possible and appropriate.

b)To involve sectors and Regions in this review.

c)To present revised pay consultation procedures to the 2015 Local Government Conference for approval.