NHS Gender Services – A properly funded provision

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2014 National LGBT Conference
1 August 2014

Conference notes the findings of the NatCen research for UNISON into the effect of austerity on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. The research showed how equality is being side-lined with many specialist services disappearing.

LGBT people, and in our experience, many trans people, are being left increasingly isolated and marginalised or feeling guilty for asking that their needs are met.

Provision of healthcare for trans people to transition to their affirmed gender is enshrined in law. However many see the National Health Service (NHS) process in gender identity clinics as demeaning, insulting and designed to lengthen the process for the sake of saving money. The cuts in NHS funding has led to a detrimental impact on the services for transgender people, leading to health inequality.

This has a negative effect on our trans members who are already facing austerity cuts and can lead to depression, anxiety, self-harm or worse.

We therefore call on the national LGBT committee to:

1. Work with trans members to identify where gender services are clearly failing our members and to campaign for properly funded NHS gender services;

2. Continue to campaign for a change of government at the next general election, in May 2015, one committed to tackling inequality arising from austerity policies and the implementation of the equality act and equality duties.