Thinning of the work force

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2014 Higher Education Service Group Conference
5 November 2013

This conference condemns the appalling practice over the past years of the employers to fail to demonstrate a true commitment to the hard working long serving staff of their institutions by throwing them aside and turning to external sources for staff to run services.

Therefore conference calls upon the Higher Education Service Group Executive to work with the National Executive Committee to create a report and tools for branches to use along with support from Regional Officers that can be used to fight off the threat of outsourcing.

This can be done by requesting information from the Higher Education Institutions that have been through the outsourcing process and have reverted back to in house services and staff such as Security, Cleaners, General Assistants & Catering.

1)Information to request

a)Cost per service before outsourcing;

b)Cost per service after outsourcing;

c)Quality of Service before outsourcing;

d)Quality of Service after outsourcing;

e)Savings or Overspending.