Protection of our Terms & Conditions

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2014 Higher Education Service Group Conference
5 November 2013

This conference condemns the appalling practice over the past year of the employers changing people’s contracts and terms and conditions with the “accept it or you’re out” attitude as with Liverpool University and the hard working long serving staff.

Therefore conference calls upon the Higher Education Service Group Executive to work with the National Executive Committee to create a national agreement of terms and conditions for our members similar to the lecturers’ Silver Book Agreement.

This could be done by making ties stronger with all other trade unions to work together in unity and producing a set of National Terms & Conditions and take them to UCEA.

1)These should include

To make sure the lowest pay spine point always meets or exceeds the hourly rate of the “living wage” (based on maximum calculation of a 37 hour week and excluding any other factors such as annual leave and sick pay).