Impact of restructuring and outsourcing on young workers

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2014 Higher Education Service Group Conference
8 November 2013
Carried as Amended

This conference believes that recent restructurings (such as at Middlesex University which has seen the creation of centralised student services, combining the services from 4 campuses into one) and outsourcing exercises, mean that many ‘entry-level’ jobs are severely reduced or disappear altogether. It is also often the case that these jobs are the first to be identified for redundancy.

This conference is concerned that the reduction of these ‘entry-level’ jobs has a disproportionate impact on young people in those jobs, and on young people seeking work in Higher Education.

This conference is also concerned that inadequate training in transferable skills means that workers in such jobs have reduced chances of success in redeployment exercises.

This conference calls on the Service Group Executive to:

(i) promote the importance and use of Equality Impact Assessments to branches in organising to defend jobs in restructuring and outsourcing exercises;

(ii) raise with employers the importance of retaining ‘entry-level’ jobs for young workers.