Taking a Lead on Recruitment in the Energy Service Group

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2014 Energy Service Group Conference
24 February 2014

Conference notes that there are thousands of UNISON members working across the energy sector. Conference also notes that many energy companies have recently made staff redundant and there are plans for further redundancies and the off-shoring or out sourcing of jobs.

Conference understands that in order to maintain union density and income, we will need an extensive recruitment plan to maintain and increase membership levels.

Conference also notes that there is a lack of young members amongst activists within UNISON, despite there being a high percentage of workers within the industry who are under 27. This includes Energy call centre staff and apprentices.

Conference understands that there is an increase in outsourcing by Energy Companies, which represents untapped potential within our service group.

Therefore, conference instructs the Energy Service Group Executive, working with Energy Sector Committees, to:

i) Initiate a national recruitment campaign within energy.

ii) Provide a strategic overview of membership numbers within the service group.

iii) Encourage branches to undertake mapping exercises to identify recruitment areas.

iv) Actively engage with branches to appoint a Young Members Officer and engage with young workers in their workplace.

v) Encourage branches to recruit from outsource centres.

vi) Consider a “Recruiter of the Year” award to help incentivise recruitment.