Celebrating Equality in Energy Workplaces

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2014 Energy Service Group Conference
24 February 2014
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that workplace equality issues are often portrayed as difficult to handle, a minority interest and all about discrimination and prejudice.

Conference believes that equality is not a problem but rather is something to celebrate in our energy workplaces. By celebrating equality and celebrating diversity we can help end the invisibility, isolation and marginalisation that are too often the experience of minority groups within the workplace. Marginalisation can have a direct negative impact on people’s work performance and well-being at work. The opposite of this is workplaces where all can thrive, contribute and progress at work.

Conference welcomes the opportunities presented by events like lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history month in February, international women’s day on 8 March, young workers month, celebrated in March in 2014, Black history month in October and disability history month, marked 22 November – 22 December each year.

Conference calls on the energy service group executive, working in conjunction with the Business and Environment Equal Opportunities Working Party and self-organised and young members groups, to:

i) Provide information to energy branches on these various months and days, including publicity in the UNISON diary on an annual basis.

ii) Encourage branches to raise the marking of these with managers and employers.

iii) Promote the involvement of the self-organised groups and young members in such activities.