Representation of Members in the Community Sector

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2014 Community Service Group Conference
31 October 2013
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that there are a multitude of problems in organising with the Community Service Group, particularly in small employer organisations.

Conference notes that:

a) Whilst there are areas of good practice and supportive branches, the existing UNISON branch structure does not always easily facilitate engagement of Community members who are placed in Local Government or Health Service Group branches

b) The targeted recruitment initiatives taking place have been successful, but there is a need for sustainable plans for the representation of members and for facilitating negotiations with employers

c) This is the fastest growing sector in UNISON, and there is a need to ensure that branch structures are robust and effectively meet the members’ needs.

d) According to Eurostat (European Commission), there are 1,666,946 employers, of which 89.1% are micro employers (employing under 10 employees), 8.9% are small employers (employing 10-49 employees), 1.6% are medium sized employers (employing 50-249 employees) and 0.4% are large employers, (employing more than 250 employees).

Conference therefore calls upon the service group executive to:

i) Work with the NEC and service groups to explore how UNISON’s structures can best reflect the needs of members in the Community Sector

ii) Work to raise the profile of the Community Service Group within UNISON

iii) Work with appropriate departments in UNISON to ensure that Community members are easily identifiable on the RMS to enable better recruitment and organising of members in the sector in the future.