Protecting members against racism in the workplace

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2014 National Black Members' Conference
1 October 2013

Migrant workers continue to be extremely vulnerable to race discrimination and false allegations of abuse from patients / care home residents and their families. They are also less likely to have colleagues coming forward as supportive witnesses. While UNISON already supports its members from overt racist discrimination from an employer, there is not always a clear process when it comes to dealing with racism from residents, family members and patients, in particular in the private sector. When an incident occurs in a private nursing home, the reaction is often to move a Black worker to another part of the care home. The racist perpetrator gets his / her way and the migrant workers are made to feel that they are the problem.

1)Conference calls on the National Black Members Committee to commission research aimed at highlighting best employment practices on protecting Black and migrant workers against racism in the workplace with a list of recommendations for adoption by employers.