Effects on the Black Community after Woolwich

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2014 National Black Members' Conference
9 August 2013

Lee Rigby’s murder shocked a nation. His funeral held on 12th July 2012 was both moving and reminded us all of his brutal killing which made a nation hold its breath with disbelief and sent a message that every UK citizen on our streets were not safe, if we do nothing.

The personal tragedy for the murdered young man and his family seem almost to have been overshadowed by the media, the fact that such an attack can take place on a busy British street in broad daylight has to be questioned that the media had a responsibility to protect UK citizens from witnessing such an act.

Conference, the trade unions have the tools to take a lead on this and strengthen the community togetherness.

This shocking act was deplored by all religious and political leaders, but the EDL, UKIP still sought to exploit this horrific event by whipping up hatred and attacking Mosques and Muslims.

UNISON at the 2013 National Delegates Conference, pledge to begin a high profile campaign with Hope not Hate, Unite Against Fascism, Faith Community Groups and other Trade Unions across the Trade Union movement in conjunction with the NBMC.

We need to weed out any extreme teachings of any hatred towards fellow human beings and seek the help of the media, politicians, police and community leaders to work together and send a positive message towards community cohesion.

UNISON has an opportunity to address some of the root cause of such acts of violence and help our young people, our future prospect through our trade union movement to have Hope not Hate and work to address some of the inequalities that drive them to commit murder and attack each other and perpetrate hatred towards fellow UK citizens.

Conference there is no place for hate in our society.

We therefore call on the NBMC to:

1)Report back on the high profile anti-racist campaign and discussions with Hope not Hate on the specific issue of addressing the issue of racism and Islamophobia

2)Update on action taken with Labour Link and discussions with MP’s on the early day motion on the media reporting which heighten the tension in communities across UK streets and the action taken to address this

3)Distribute materials produced with Hope not Hate in preparation for the 2014 European Parliament elections

4)Update on fringe meeting at the next NDC in 2014 as proposed in the NDC motion in 2013

5)Campaign alongside young people and other trade unions to help organise in those communities where youth alienation is potentially high

6)Oppose any new measures aimed at reducing our democratic rights, such as the right for security forces to read emails and texts

7)Report back through UNISON media on the activities and campaign strategy.