Where’s your bus gone?

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2013 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
25 February 2013
Carried as Amended

Conference condemns the ever increasing amount of disappearing bus services from Britain’s roads and the consequent impact on UNISON members employed in the public transport industry.

This is due to the Government’s cuts agenda.

Services are disappearing and fares are increasing, leaving the most vulnerable and those on low incomes more isolated and disadvantaged. There seems to be no end to this downward spiral.

The WET Service Group has been working with the Campaign for Better Transport to track these cuts in supporting their ‘Save our Buses’ campaign. Rural communities, and increasingly now cities are experiencing service cuts to evening and weekend services as bus companies look to end non profitable journeys and Authorities look to save money on subsidised services.

We can see the effect on ever shrinking bus company branches and Local Authority transport departments – a trend we must seek to reverse.

Conference –

i)pledges to continue to support Campaign for Better Transport in the ‘Save our Buses’ campaign

ii)asks Branches and Regions to lobby Councillors and MPs to protect bus services

iii)asks the WET Executive to work with other UNISON bodies to highlight these problems and ensure that public transport is promoted through the ‘Million Voices’ campaign