Raising the profile of Black activists

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2013 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
26 February 2013

Raising the profile of Black activists within water, environment and transport employers and increasing the number of Black members involved at branch, regional and national levels within the WET service group and wider union is critical in meeting the UNISON’s recruitment and organising objectives.

Conference also notes the Leadership School where activists can take steps to develop their leadership skills and take up positions of increased responsibility. Members who have attended this school have gone on to become branch secretaries and employed staff.

Black members play a valuable role in ensuring the union and branches identify and take up equality issues and actively challenge discrimination in the workplace. This is key in meeting the unions current challenges as no workplace where discrimination exists can be truly organised.

Conference calls on the WET service group executive to work with the NBMC to:

1)Remind branches and members of the support and guidance available to Black members to become activists

2)Work with the NEC to identify funding for joint initiatives that will encourage Black workers to join UNISON and become active within its structures