Retaining Members When They Retire

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2013 National Retired Members Conference
13 June 2013
Carried as Amended

Conference recalls the resolution (motion 27 as amended) of the 2011 Retired Members’ Conference which noted the efforts of many branches and branch retired members’ groups to retain members when they retire but regretted the apparent lack of support, co-ordination and reporting to sustain these efforts.

The resolution instructed the National Retired Members’ Committee (NRMC), seeking the support of the National Executive Council as need be, to develop a target-led approach to retaining members at retirement supported by appropriate reporting and monitoring and arrangements to share best practice between regions and branches.

The resolution expressed the fear that a haphazard approach may reproduce or exaggerate patterns of inclusion and exclusion among Full Members and in the workforce.

Conference recalls that NRMC reported to last year’s conference that its agendas have a standing item on recruitment (meaning perhaps retention at and after retirement?) under which regional initiatives are discussed and best practice shared. However, asked what best practice there had been, NRMC, in reply, did not give a single instance.

Also, in reply to a supplementary question at the 2011 conference, NRMC said it would, in future, look at diversity in relation to retaining members at retirement. However it notes that, asked in 2012 whether it had done so, NRMC made no reply.

Conference regrets the lack of progress on this matter. It repeats and confirms the instructions it gave NRMC two years ago and seeks a full report next year including:

1)Numbers retained and numbers lost at retirement;

2)A breakdown of these numbers and an analysis of who is kept, who is lost and why;

3)Examples of good practice and measures of their impact; and,