Medication Packaging and Content Issues

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2013 National Retired Members Conference
6 June 2013

Modern day packaging of many types of medication is becoming increasingly difficult for elderly people to cope with, in particular the ‘bubble strip’ type packaging of tablets. This type of packaging often results in the user suffering finger cuts and sometimes the destruction of the capsule encased in the ‘bubble’.

In addition to difficulties with inappropriate packaging, inconsistencies in the size and colour of the box, and even the size and colour of the tablets are causes of concern for the elderly. Depending on where each pharmacy sources their supplies, it is possible to receive medication in a different form on each occasion a prescription is processed. This may not be too much of a problem for younger patients, but for the elderly it can at the least be very confusing and at its worst very dangerous.

This conference calls upon the UNISON National Retired Members Committee and the National Executive Council to use all powers at their disposal to seek to campaign for better, more easily manageable medication packaging and consistency and standardisation of packaging and contents across medication manufacturers.