Transfer of Police Staff to Wiltshire Council and Other Strategic Partners

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2013 Police & Justice Conference
5 June 2013
Carried as Amended

November 2012 saw the introduction of Police & Crime Commissioners (PCCs) across England & Wales. Included in the Policing Plan introduced by the PCC for Wiltshire Police, are plans which could eventually see as many as 50% of current Police Staff roles transferring to one of the local councils. The PCC at Wiltshire Police regards his role as a commissioning role and has already TUPE transferred all of the Wiltshire Police Project Management staff over to Wiltshire Council. There are plans in place to TUPE transfer a further 212 Police Staff over to Wiltshire Council in the autumn. These staff currently carry out what are traditionally referred to as back office functions (IT, Human Resources, Finance).

Wiltshire Council, like many other local authorities, has huge financial savings to make and many of our members will be transferring over to that council and straight in to a restructuring situation which may lead to redundancy and worsening of terms and conditions.

Initial advice sought from the Home Office in relation to these transfers, particularly in relation to Stage 2 transfers, has been unhelpful and there is thus far an unwillingness by the Home Secretary to get involved with such transfers.

This conference notes with concern the effect that this type of outsourcing will have on our members, the roles they currently carry out within the Police Service and ultimately the service they provide to the community.

Conference therefore calls upon the Service Group Executive to:

1)Highlight this situation to branches across the service group.

2)Issue advice to branches in relation to challenging such transfers.