The impact of cuts on women in policing.

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2013 Police & Justice Conference
13 June 2013
Carried as Amended

Conference notes the disproportionate attack the governments austerity measures are having on women. Within the public sector workforce; 735,000 women make up 64% of the workforce; public sector job losses and the cuts will impact on them disproportionally, when compared to the effects on men. With unemployment amongst women at a 24 year high, and no real growth in the private sector replacing the public sector job loss, there is real fear amongst our women members regarding future employment and financial security.

The austerity measures have seen major in police staff jobs across the country this has meant the vital roles that many of our women members provide have been lost. It is projected that as further reductions will be made in the police sector, the number of women that could be affected both with job loses and the right to flexible and part time working is set to rise at a staggering rate. Unions have fought hard for equality, with UNSION at the forefront, but the rights women have gained and the positions they have strived hard for are at risk.

Anna Bird from the Fawcett Society has predicted that few women are likely to emerge unscathed over the next few years. The financial crisis is clearly being used by government as an excuse to make changes that will ultimately affect women more.

Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to

1)continue to campaign to highlight the impact the cuts are having on women within policing;

2)undertake a survey of branches on the impact the cuts are having on flexible working within policing;

3)produce organising material aimed at women in the police sector to encourage them to join and participate in the union;

4)to work with the national women’s committee to highlight the effect cuts in policing are having on women.