Protect our National terms and Conditions

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2013 Police & Justice Conference
7 June 2013
Carried as Amended

Conference it would appear that forces/ employers have made attempts to negotiate withdrawal from our National terms and conditions with the intention of making local arrangements. For many years we have been part of a national agreement and been able to ensure the minimum levels of terms and conditions set through national negotiation.

We know there is strength in our collectiveness and we must resist any move to lessen the number of branches involved in the national agreement. We also know any change could lead the way to privatisation of our services further putting at risk what we have fought hard to achieve.

Conference therefore instructs Service Group Executive (SGE) to

1)Contact all branches and establish if they have been asked to consider leaving our national terms and conditions to establish the extent of the problem.

2)Strongly reinforce our commitment through appropriate communication to keeping our terms and conditions at a national level with all the current member Forces/ employers remaining within the scheme.

3)Provide appropriate support, advice and guidance to any Force facing any attempts to be removed from our national terms and conditions.