Mental Health within the Workplace

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2013 Police & Justice Conference
7 June 2013

Our activists have become aware of the lack of awareness of officers and staff with regard to mental health issues within the workplace, in particular Staff who are returning to work after illness. Return to work plans tend to be mechanistic and focussed on the basic HR issues with little regard to the individual circumstances and this has caused particular difficulties for staff who are recovering from mental health issues.

In attempting to explain the subtleties and symptoms of the condition, there is often resistance from line managers in accepting the difficulties facing the individual. Examples tend to be around staff suffering from depression and the need for rehabilitation, support and appropriate reasonable adjustments within the workplace.

Conference instructs the Service Group Executive (SGE) to:

1)Provide advice and guidance to branches to enable them to raise the matter locally and to aid the introduction of procedure and policy in support of members with mental health issues.

2)Raise the issue with the Police Staff Council for the purpose of raising awareness and seeking support and advice from the Council.

3)Raise the issue with the College of Policing with the aim of seeking guidance for the police service for dealing with mental health issues at work.