Rule D Self Organised Groups

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2013 National Delegate Conference
25 February 2013

Amendment to Rule D 4.2

In existing D 4.2, delete all after “shall be, within the framework of the rules of the union, to” and replace with:

“assist the union to:

.1 promote the union’s equalities and bargaining agenda

.2 defend jobs, terms and conditions and services

.3 build its density and have a strong and dynamic presence in the workplace”

Insert new D 4.3 and renumber remaining rules accordingly:

“4.3 To this end, self organised groups shall:

.1 meet to share concerns and aspirations, and establish their own priorities

.2 elect their own representatives to other levels of self organisation and to other appropriate levels of the Union’s organisation

.3 have adequate and agreed funding and other resources, including education and training access, publicity and communications

.4 work within a flexible structure to build confidence and encourage participation and provide opportunities for the fuller involvement of disadvantaged members

.5 work within the establised policies, rules and constitutional provisions of the Union.”