Living Wage

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2013 Local Government Service Group Conference
20 February 2013
Carried as Amended

Conference recognises the success of the campaigns to achieve the Living Wage in councils and notes that the pay offer from the Scottish employers for 2013 included a Living Wage for all 32 councils in Scotland of a Living wage of at least £7.50.

Conference notes however that not all councils have agreed to pay the Living Wage and calls on the SGE, in conjunction with branches, to step up efforts in these councils to make progress.

Conference, however, notes that very few councils, and none in Scotland, have decided to use their procurement policies and procedures to extend the Living Wage to private and voluntary sector contractors. This results in public funds paying companies to deliver services on behalf of councils who pay their staff only the National Minimum Wage. This scandal of poverty wages for delivering public services must be a campaign priority for UNISON.

Conference therefore asks the Service Group Executive to promote the procurement advice to branches and to lead a campaign to shame those councils who do not pay and those councils who do not ensure their contractors pay the Living Wage.