Free Schools and Studio Schools

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2013 Local Government Service Group Conference
19 February 2013

Conference is totally against the setting up of Free Schools and Studio Schools. Unlike Academies which are existing schools that have changed status; Free Schools and Studio Schools are brand new schools. Often these new schools are located next to established existing community schools and threaten their very existence.

In the majority of cases staff are not TUPE transferred into Studio and Free Schools even if they are being opened up on the same site and in the same buildings as a previous state school. Our members are being made redundant as the new school advertises for staff.

Free Schools and Studio Schools are funded using public money, but they have no public accountability. In examples where these schools fail it will be the Local Authorities that have to pick up the tab and support the pupils. Yet these Governing Bodies or Trust Boards oversee the school and set contracts of employment, pay and terms and conditions, without any regard to Local Authorities.

Conference calls upon the Local Government Service Group to:

1)Support Regions to challenge the setting up of Free and Studio Schools.

2. Continue to work with all relevant national negotiation bodies for all schools based staff to ensure that terms and conditions, pay and contracts of employment are not eroded away.

3. Work with the TUC, Public Service Alliances and Community Groups to oppose any proposals that are detrimental to achieving a good school for every child.