Effective Regulation of Health and Social Care Services

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2013 Local Government Service Group Conference
18 February 2013

This Conference reaffirms its belief that effective regulation of health and social care services is essential given the ongoing attacks on the NHS and the continuing cuts to social care budgets.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) which provides this vital service is being asked to expand its regulatory role significantly whilst simultaneously undergoing a period of significant internal change.

Given that staff are now being asked to regulate an increasingly wide variety of services (with the addition of GPs and dentists to their workload) it is crucial that comprehensive training is provided for staff to ensure that they are best equipped to regulate all providers of care.

It is also vital that the new strategic vision of the CQC is not another missed opportunity that leads to yet another unnecessary reorganisation. Instead it must provide the organisation with the means to tackle the excessive workloads, bullying of staff and low morale that have hindered its efforts to effectively regulate the care sector.

We recognise positive moves from the CQC such as the recruitment of more inspectors and hope that this signifies the start of a brighter future.

Conference calls on the Service Group Executive (SGE) to campaign for the CQC to have:

1)Full and meaningful involvement with UNISON/the trade unions over shaping the future strategic direction of the organisation

2)High quality training and development provision for inspectors and registration assessors which includes trade union involvement

3)A reduction in caseloads to manageable levels for inspectors

4)A concerted approach to ending the culture of bullying as highlighted in the annual staff survey