Analysis of Local Authority Budgets

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2013 Local Government Service Group Conference
18 February 2013
Carried as Amended

Conference notes:

1)The impact of savage spending cuts in Local Government

2)The ongoing attacks on council services and the most vulnerable in our society by the Conservative led Government

3)The importance of UNISON fighting these cuts both locally and nationally

4)The importance of local branch knowledge in understanding the financial and budget setting decisions made by Local Authorities when proposing cuts to services, jobs, terms and conditions

5)The importance of UNISON challenging the financial decisions made and providing an alternative at a local and national level

6)That many branches have a need for greater knowledge of budget setting and their ability to challenge the budgets presented by the employers

7)The shortage of resources nationally and regionally UNISON has in supporting branches at a local level in challenging budgets proposals.

Conference calls upon the SGE to:

a)Train specialists in this area as a dedicated resource to branches to enable budgets to be looked at in detail to aid alternative proposals to the employer’s cuts in jobs and services.

b)Work with Regions and branches to look at additional ways in which this important area of work can be supported at local branch level by people with the time and knowledge to analyse hidden savings and other budget queries.

c)To explore ways in which resources can be made available to Regions to further support this important area of work.