NHS pay cartels – No to divide and conquer

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2013 Health Care Service Group Conference
10 December 2012

Conference notes with concern that the South West pay cartel is being used as a mechanism for cutting NHS terms and conditions, including breaking national agreements, and offering local pay arrangements – for example by introducing 6 day weeks, offering additional hours and pay at a time of job losses.

Conference notes that although there is currently only one cartel in England, it is possible that others will emerge elsewhere in the UK.

Further, local trade union opposition is being influenced by the creation of a culture of fear where workers are afraid to speak out, and activists are reporting bullying and harassment by managers.

Conference therefore calls on the SGE to:

1)continue to campaign to oppose the South West pay cartel and others which may be created, working with the TUC, other health unions and partner organisations;

2)raise awareness amongst members and the public of the implications for our NHS;

3)lobby the government and work with Labour Link to oppose the cartels through political means;

4)promote the “Influencing the NHS” programme to provide an alternative route for members’ voices to be heard in the decision-making process.